\ The email of PC Tom Draycott

The email from PC Tom Draycott | 6 minutes

Please note that this short video is an extract from "The Ammanford Mystery"

When I first reported my suspicions to my local police force they took no action, in desperation I contacted other police forces.

It was only after one of those police forces passed my suspicions on to my local police force that an investigation, of sorts, took place.

The officer in charge phoned the people that owned the property that I had tried to report, he asked if he could look inside the property.

The owners agreed to let him look around, the police officer was allowed to enter the building just six weeks after I reported my suspicions for the second time, a full sixteen weeks since I first reported my suspicions.

In his email the officer informs us that he did not find anything.

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Alan and Christine Tait | Run time 6 minutes

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